SHAPE 2017 Sponsors
A huge thanks to our sponsors of the SHAPE program and SHAPE Delsea Dash and Dine 5K in May 2017:

-JR Design/Screenprint & Embroidery
-Delsea Regional Board of Education:
-Delsea Education Association
-Delsea Army JROTC:
-Delsea Middle School VIP
-Delsea High School National Honor Society
-Delsea High School Student Government Assoc. 2016-2017
-Delsea High School Black Cultural League
-Delsea High School Drama Club
-DJ Tommy Keller:
-L. D’Ottavio Nurseries:
-Spectrum Design LLC:
-GAB Construction
-Salon Tomai
-Polartemp Inc.
-Gator’s Gift Scholarship Fund

Looking to donate, sponsor our program or help us spread the word? We’re now accepting donations/new sponsorships to assist us with this summer’s program and our yearly SHAPE scholarships! If you, or someone you know, is interested in doing so-please reach out ASAP for more details! Contact Mrs. Nicholson at [email protected] and like & share our Facebook page at

What is the SHAPE Program? SHAPE stands for School and Home Achievement with a Partnership for Education. It has been at Delsea Middle School since 2004. It is a program designed to address the achievement gap in education and assist students in transitioning to the next grade level. SHAPE personnel will work with students in academics, career and personal development in order to better prepare them for middle school. 

When is the SHAPE Program offered? SHAPE is offered for 5 weeks during the summer, typically from early July to early August.

Who is eligible to participate in the SHAPE Program? Students are offered a spot in SHAPE based on their Math and Language Arts grades, state test scores, and teacher/counselor recommendations.

What is a typical day look like? Students will have three classes a day, consisting of Math, Language Arts and an Enrichment class that incorporates several hands-on projects. There is a novel that students read together that forms the theme of the program each year. Also, students will explore how they best learn within the Let Me Learn (R) program.

I have more questions, what should I do?  Feel free to contact Mrs. Nicholson at [email protected] or call 856-694-0100 ext. 451