6th into 7th Grade Transition

6th into 7th Grade Transition

Each year, Delsea Middle School receives a new group of 7th grade students into our district. The transition from elementary school to middle school is exciting and rewarding for most students. However, some children may develop concerns or worries during this time. Here is a list of the processes we undertake each year to ease the minds of our students to ensure  a smooth transition for everyone.  Our goal is to make all students feel welcomed and prepared.


1.  DMS staff meet with the 6th grade teachers and elementary school principals to discuss the transition process and make any changes.


2.  DMS mails letters to the 6th grade parents with a timeline of upcoming events and a copy of the teacher recommendations for the next year.


3.  DMS conducts two course selection nights for any 6th into 7th grade student along with their parent.  These evenings give adults and children the opportunity to learn about our courses, ask questions and see what a typical day is like for a Delsea Middle School student.  Student Ambassadors are present to assist.

4.  DMS staff visits 6th grade classrooms in the elementary schools.  Our staff gives out information about Delsea Middle School and answers questions.


5.  DMS staff finalizes student requests for next year.

6.  DMS parent group, the VIP (Very Important Parents), reaches out to the home and school parents from the 6th grade to invite them to the June VIP meeting.


7.  The 6th graders visit Delsea Middle School during the school day.  We provide information regarding our athletic programs and the students receive a tour of the building.  The children get to visit our Media Center, select summer reading books and meet current students, staff and administration.  Students receive a lot of information about our expectations and general operations.  Student Ambassadors are present to assist.


8.  DMS staff conducts a parent/student conference with anyone taking an honors class for the first time.  We review expectations, summer project directions and course curriculum as well as answer any questions.


9.  DMS hosts an orientation for all incoming students/parents that are new to Delsea. Students receive their schedule and locker information.  Student Ambassadors are present to assist.

Late August:

10.  Students can revisit DMS as often as they need to find classes, try their locker etc. Our goal is to have all students feel comfortable and ready for the year.


11.  DMS hosts a Back to School night.


12.  DMS sponsors two evenings of Parent-Teacher Conferences.  

*Individual guidance counselors and CST case managers stand ready at any time to assist children with this transition.  Parents are welcome to contact us at any time.